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Apple to Bring New Podcasts App in the iOS 6

Apple might be introducing a fresh standalone Podcasts app in the iOS 6 when it becomes available this coming fall. This app will be used for searching, downloading, and playing podcasts. Furthermore, it will enable users to generate their own podcasts for sharing. The debut of the Podcasts app and iOS 6 will go side by side with the unveiling of Apple’s latest mobile device, the iPhone 5.

The podcasts section had been introduced to iTunes in 2005 when iTunes 4.5 was released. This time, Apple has opted to pull it out, along with Audiobooks and iTunes U from the mobile version of iTunes. Last year, Apple also separated Video and Music from the iPod app. The iBooks moreover has already been made into a separate app.

It appears that the trend with Apple is to keep separating the categories that came with the mobile iTunes. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that Apple is removing the Podcast function currently found on iTunes. The standalone app on iOS 6 will simply be an addition to the laptop and desktop version of iTunes.

When it arrives this coming fall, iOS 6 will be available not only on the forthcoming iPhone 5, but also for users of older versions via a free software update. There are, however, some models which won’t be eligible for the update.

Along with the Podcasts app, Apple will likewise launch a Passbook app that will facilitate how people use passes such as baseball tickets or concert tickets through this digital innovation. Users will need to simply scan their iPhone or iPod touch to be able to get in these events. Passbook can be used for boarding tickets and coupons, as well.

Like on OS X Mountain Lion, Apple is introducing better Facebook integration on iOS 6. FaceTime, the popular video chatting software, has been added to iOS 6, too. Meanwhile, with the new Shared Photo Streams, users can send images to a select number of people.

Other expected iOS features include enhancements on Siri, Safari, Mail, Phone, and Accessibility.

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