Apple Teaches Siri to Lie?

Apple, under Steve Jobs was ruthless- buying out competition, filing lawsuits and doing anything it took to control its competition. Well, looks like Apple under Tim Cook is taking the same path. Last week, many videos of people asking their Siri, Apple’s voice assistant surfaced on the Internet. Curious users asked Siri “What is the best smartphone right now?” To which, Siri replied Nokia Lumia!

Wait, How did This Happen?
Turns out, Siri uses Wolfram Alpha’s services to compile its results. Alpha, probably referred to user ratings of all smartphones on the Internet and announced Nokia Lumia as the answer.
Apple Teaches Siri to Lie
Siri is a good girl. She does not answer any dirty questions and certainly does not lie. However, within a few hours of the videos creating a hualaboo in the Internet, Apple set up Siri to answer Apple iPhone 4 as the best smartphone. And she says it in her trademark cheeky style, “You are kidding, right” and the more direct “The one you are holding.”
Interestingly, Apple may not have actually rigged Siri. The change in the answer may have been caused by a change in Lumia 900s’ ratings on the various website catalogs that Wolfram Alpha considered to compile its results. A major technology news website has requested a quote from Apple on the same.
An Apple product acknowledging another  technology giant’s success is almost blasphemous. As to Siri’s original answer, we can only say that we agree. Nokia Lumia is indeed currently one of the highest grossing phones. It is not only bringing Nokia back into the A-listers of mobile technology but also proving tat Windows mobile still stands on firm ground and can battle any other operating system.