Apple Shared Few Features of OS X Mountain Lion

Apple has announced some features of the upcoming OS X Mountain Lion during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC. Among these are a better integration with iCloud, a new notification center, a dictation feature, and a Game Center.

iCloud is Apple’s cloud computing service which allows users to save apps and content on the cloud and sync them across the Apple devices that the users own. On the OS X Mountain Lion, Apple is adding new apps that can be synced, including Messages, Notes, and Reminders. For instance, on Messages, users who had been sending messages via the iPhone can continue their conversation on the Mac. Users can also access their Documents and Game Center profile via the same service, enabling users to move work seamlessly from one Apple device to another.

Apple is furthermore adding a Notification Center which feeds to the Mac updates from other devices. This may be found on the top right position of the OS. Users can integrate this with Twitter and Facebook so that they no longer need to open extra windows simply to access their social networking accounts. To give users more control over the notifications, Apple created a disable function, so that the updates will stop once the user chooses to turn it off. This disable function is useful, for example, if the user is giving a presentation, or trying to focus on work and cannot afford to be distracted by the live feeds.

Another feature is the Game Center, which used to be available exclusively on the iPhone and the iPad. This feature allows users to play games online and compete with friends they have added, giving a social networking dimension to gaming on the Mac. The feature is comparable to Xbox Live, where users can also compare scores with other players.

A dictation feature also provides more options to user input. With this feature, users can give instructions to the computer via the built-in microphone, somewhat like the Siri feature in iPhones. Apple is making dictation available not only on Apple apps but also on Microsoft Word.

This update costs $19.99 and will be available starting next month.

via ubergizmo