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Apple Rumored Working on TV with Motion-Detection Tech and Remote Like an iPad

Apple is reportedly working on a television that will feature both motion detection and a touchscreen remote similar to the iPad. This rumor began with a note from Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White saying who recently visited Taiwan for Computex. White alleges that the Apple-branded television will offer different ways of interactivity, motion detection being just one of them. He moreover claimed that the television will have a remote that is similar to the iPad, but sports a plastic bezel instead of the aluminum unibody one on the MacBook Air.

The rumor for the Apple-branded TV began as early as last year when Steve Jobs’s biographer Walter Isaacson made mention that the Apple founder had been working on a television that carried the Apple brand before he died. In the biography, Isaacson revealed that Jobs had been envisioning a television that would work seamlessly with other Apple devices as well as its cloud service, iCloud. The television would furthermore render obsolete complex remote controls for video players and eliminate the need for cable boxes. Like other Apple devices, Jobs wanted a simple and elegant design that would allow the device to be the leader in the television market.

Lately, rumors of the Apple TV once again grew stronger as Foxconn, Apple’s Taiwan-based manufacturer, was reported to be working on a television that featured the virtual assistant Siri, an iSight camera, and the FaceTime app. Foxconn, however, has categorically denied the report. Meanwhile, another report from Cult of Mac claimed that the upcoming television would have a larger display than Apple’s Cinema Display monitors.

White, however, made no mention of these rumored specifications. Yet, Apple is still keeping silent about whether it really is developing the Apple-branded television or not. At any rate, this seems to be a logical move for Apple, which does possess the potential for controlling the television niche, as it has done with notebooks and smartphones.

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