Apple demos Eyes Free, Siri’s car integration

When Apple first released the voice based virtual assistant, Siri, the service just became too popular. People were anxious to get their hands on the app as soon as possible. And Apple did release the service and the app only on the newer iPhone 4S, and did not release the app on the older iPhone 4, even though the app was compatible.

Anyway, if you do not know what the app is used for, it can be used to do anything you want on your iPhone 4S, from calling your best friend to sending a short text message to your mom, to setting up a calendar meeting, or a memo, to sending a very important business email, to finding the nearest pizza place. Yes, all these are possible tasks on the Siri app, and too without even having to tab the display on your smart phone.

All you have to do is wake up the Siri app on the iPhone 4S and talk to it, in the sense instruct it what to do. And then the smart phone would reply with the answer for your question, everything is voice based. But when you are driving, it would be dangerous to get your eyes off the road to wake up Siri on your iPhone, each second on the road is important. A car integration of the Siri app would be just great, do you not think so? Well, here it is then, car integration.

Apple’s VP of iOS Scott Forstall has just demoed Eyes Free, which is the new Siri vehicle integration. Yes, Eyes Free is the technology which places a new button on the steering wheel of your car, pressing which will wake up Siri on your iPhone 4S. Then you can start talking to your iPhone without having to take your eyes off the road even for a fraction of a second. Isn’t that good?

The technology has already gained a lot of attraction. Major car manufacturers such as BMW, GM, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Chrysler and Honda are all said to be on board, with Siri support making its way to vehicles within the next 12 months. I guess we will just have to wait and see how well this integration would work in the practical life.

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  1. I’d MUCH rather have something besides an apele product in my car. Almost any of the Android products that are available are preferable, and some quite a bit better.

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