Apple App Store Search Getting Revamped?

Earlier this year, Apple had acquired a start up called Chomp. If you do not know about Chomp then let me tell you that, it is basically a search engine. A search engine specifically to search apps. Chomp has its own unique search algorithm which lists out search results based not just simply on the names of the apps, but also on the function that the apps perform.

So, now, many app developers feel that the effects of Chomp can be seen in how Apple’s App Store is listing out its search results. According to Techcrunch, who have spoken to some app developers and app search engine owners, there are a couple of different ways in which the changes in the search results can be interpreted.
The first theory is that, now, having the right name for your app does not necessarily translate into a good position in the search result list. The App Store, now puts heavier emphasis on the popularity, download numbers, and reviews of apps than on the name. Also, the search results are now more universal, than generalized.
The second theory says, the app store has now learned to detect the purpose of the search term. For example, a search term “gas” won’t pull out games such as fart apps or racing apps, but instead, apps which will help you find the nearest gas station or the low gas prices. If this theory holds true, then most probable is the result of Chomp’s search algorithm.

The App Store search results however, do not hold true for every country. The results vary from one geographic location to the other. This would mean that the changes to the App Store, if any, have only been done in certain regions and that it is not global.
Techcrunch has contacted Apple for more information about the matter.

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