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Apple Anounced the Next-Gen MacBook Pro

This is what Apple says about the Next Generation MacBook Pro. Well probably true, until next best thing comes along. Finally it has been revealed; it wasn’t a rumor after all.

What is so special about it? Apple claims, you’ve never seen anything like it and because there’s never been anything like it. Need to convince more? Well here’s some handful features that really make it special.

The MacBook Pro has Retina Display which then  allows users to view vibrant and detailed images. The highest resolution at 5 million pixels compacted in a 15.4- inch screen while capable of crisp images that are full of life, with more color and contrast as well. The Retina Display also has less glare; with the IPS technology that gives you 178 degree display lets you look at any angle.

It’s has an all-flash storage, so it’s quicker to start up programs and makes onboard applications to work faster. Hence, whether you are running photography, video editing, design and layout even engineering and science applications, this device can perform the tasks straight from its internal storage, even when you have left your programs running, it will start right away.

The MacBook Pro will boast 7-hour battery life. Nonetheless, even if your Mac goes to sleep you’ll be continually able to receive emails and will start up immediately.

As for the brains and heart of the machine, the MacBook Pro has Intel Core i7. The fastest quad-core available in the market today. Also, it comes with up to 2.7 GHz, 6 MB of shared L3 cache, and Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.7 GHz. Just imagine the work that you can do with device.

Impressive as it may seem, Apple is not done yet. For the graphics, it is equipped with a GB of memory from NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M graphics processor. The next generation MacBook Pro sure to pack a lot of punch in a sleek .71 inch and 4.46 pounds design.

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