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Apple and TomTom Maps App Partnership

The battle between Apple and Google intensifies as Apple announced an upcoming Maps app during the WWDC. This app is slated for launch this coming fall, alongside the next iteration of Apple’s mobile OS, iOS 6.

Prior to Apple’s declaration, rumors floated around that the Apple was creating its own mapping system. This was fueled by Apple’s purchase last year of C3 Technology, a 3D mapping company.

Recently, TomTom, the developer of a map app, stated that the Cupertino company has acquired the license for its maps. TomTom, through TeleAtlas, also supplies maps for Google, however this partnership will expire in a year. Google, also, is creating a map base for itself.

Previously, Apple offered Google Maps on its devices, where the device has proven itself popular. It is estimated that the service is used by over 90% of iPhone users in the U.S. Moreover, it is the number one navigation app in the world, earning a steady income from advertising. However, starting iOS 6, the app will no longer be available for the same market, causing some 100 million users to stop using the app.

Apple’s decision widens the rift between the company and Google, whose Maps app is currently the top choice in navigation systems. In a larger scale, Apple and Google are both vying for the title of producing the top mobile devices, with Android devices currently taking the lead over the iPhone in terms of global shipments. If Apple becomes successful with this new venture, it could easily mean a substantial loss for Google. Meanwhile, Apple’s former rivals in the mobile business, Research in Motion and Nokia, are increasingly losing popularity, allowing Apple to focus on Google.

TomTom, for its part, refused to reveal the details of the new partnership, and gave no information about the service that Apple will soon offer. The company did mention, however, that it had been working with Apple for at least a year.

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