Apple and Motorola case thrown by the judge

Apple wants to be the only one player in whatever it does. It likes to root out the competition. Steve Jobs always wanted to destroy the Google mobile operating system, Android. And we all know how hard he tried at it. And after his biography ‘Steve Jobs’ was released, this became even more clear. One of the many law suits that Apple has been dealing with is the Motorola patent infringement case. Apple had sued Motorola Mobility, now under the search engine giant, Google, of infringing 15 patents during its development on Android.

Judge Richard Posner, who is looking into the case, had given both the companies many chances to defend their sides. Apple always came up with some new and kind of meaningless arguments and defenses. Motorola, though the victim, had been able to ward off Apple’s acquisitions quite successfully. By the end of the case, which was yesterday, Apple was left with only four patents to defend its case. The company had started with 15 patents and came down to only four. Motorola, on the other hand, had only one left.

The judge was so annoyed by the two companies not making any progress and not giving any proper reason why the other has to pay for the damage. Judge Posner in his Opinion and Order said:

Neither party is entitled to an injunction. Neither has shown that damages would not be an adequate remedy. True, neither has presented sufficient evidence of damages to withstand summary judgment—but that is not because damages are impossible to calculate with reasonable certainty and are therefore an inadequate remedy; it’s because the parties have failed to present enough evidence to create a triable issue.

So, finally, the patent war has come to an end. Yes, the judge has thrown out the case saying that none of the companies have been able to take the case in any kind of sense. What will the companies do now? Well, they also have the option to appeal the decision, which is most expected.

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