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Apple allowed Display Recorder app into the App Store

We all know that Apple is very selective when it comes to allowing apps into its App Store. The Cupertino tech giant does not want an app in the App Store which would make the built in features of the iPhone or the iPad useless. For example, say a screenshot app. Apple has built the ability to take screenshots on the iPhone and the iPad into the operating system itself. So if there is a third party app which tries to do the same with some added features, Apple would not think of allowing it into the App Store. We have seen this happen in the past.

But now though, a similar app has come into the App Store, known as the Display Recorder. We can get a hint of what the app does from its name. It helps you record your iPhone’s display and save it as a video file. That is very interesting. Using this, you can take videos instructing how to do something on your iPhone and then send it across to a friend or relative. The feature is really useful and it is not even built into the operating system.

But the thing here is, there is already an app by the same name, but it is only for the Cydia app store, not the Apple App Store. This is because the company did not approve the app in the app store. We had a feeling that this app is from the same developer. But he has recently tweeted that he has nothing to do with that app, and he has lodged a complaint with Apple as well.

In any case, if you are interested in the app, you better grab it right away before Apple thinks of pulling it back from the App Store, which it might already be thinking. The app is available at a price of $1.99.

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