AnySend Helps You Share Data Between Two Android Devices

AnySend provides a solution for Android users who often need to transfer files across platforms. This file-sharing app comes from Adylitica, Inc., the same developers behind the Do it (Tomorrow) app, which simplifies the task of making to-do lists.

AnySend features a minimalist user interface that is in tune with its goal of easily sharing data between two Android-based devices. However, instead of doing the process over the Internet or via an FTP connection or Bluetooth, AnySend allows the files to be transferred directly from one device to another. The catch is that these devices have to be on a single Wi-Fi connection.

Once the app file is downloaded, AnySend is a piece of cake to set up. It instantly detects the Android devices around the user’s device that also have AnySend running on them. In a few taps and changes in settings, the users will be able to share files. Then, when the user exits the app, AnySend will continue running. If there are new incoming files, the user will be informed through an alert sound, vibration, or via the status bar. Users have the options of rejecting the offer to receive files as well as cancel the file being received at any point during the process.

Unlike many file-sharing apps available, AnySend has a unique white list feature that allows users to specify trusted people with whom they often share files. This eliminates the need for those persons to be confirmed the next time they send files. AnySend furthmermore doesn’t need configurations for it to work. Once it is installed, it can be used instantly.

To give users a personalized experience as well as to help identify trusted people, users may select a username and profile picture in the app’s main settings.

AnySend is a good alternative for other file-sharing systems that can sometimes be slow and unreliable. Moreover, the app is completely free of charge from the Google Play Store, which means that it would not hurt to add it to one’s Android device.

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