Anti Spy Mobile Would Increase Your Android Security

An app called Anti Spy Mobile promises to make Android devices safer against the increasing malware and virus threats available. Anti Spy Mobile, which was created by a member of the XDA developers forum called pandata000, performs various functions such as scanning and checking permissions.

Immediately after installation, the app runs a scan of all the installed apps on the Android device. This process takes only a few seconds and ends with a report on how many Spyware apps it found on the system. It also lists those apps that it deems suspicious and merit a closer look. Furthermore, it enables users to check the permissions that an app authorizes.

Malware, spyware, and viruses have long plagued users of electronic devices. They go through email and text messages and collect information about users. Their appearance on Android devices is fairly recent since these devices have not been here for long. Android devices are generally considered to be more vulnerable against attacks when compared to Windows Phones and iOS devices since fake .apk files proliferate today.

Even if users stick to a trusted source such as Google Play, there are still potential threats that might not be filtered by the app store’s system. Less popular app libraries pose greater risk since they carry little to no assurance that the apps they offer are virus-, spyware- and malware-free. However, some are not aware of the hazards of downloading apps, or simply ignore them since the amount of apps available for Android is truly tempting. Yet, as more people use their smartphones for important and potentially sensitive tasks such as banking and business, it also becomes increasingly imperative to invest in a good anti-malware software.

Anti Spy Mobile is currently free for download at Google Play, but users can have a Pro version for a discounted promotional price of $3.99 until the end of June, or $4.99 on regular times. To function, it requires at least Android 2.0 on the device.

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