Angry Birds Seasons Add 30 Action-Packed Levels

A fresh update to Angry Birds Seasons attempts to continue the success of the physics-based catapult game. This update gives users 30 action-packed levels against an aquatic background of underwater ruins called Piglantis. Angry Birds Seasons is a special edition of Angry Birds about various seasons such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas. For this particular update, it celebrates the summer holidays.

This special edition treat is free for users who have already shelled out the original $0.99 price of the app. To avail of the update, users simply have to head to app stores to download it.

To make the underwater experience feel authentic, Rovio is incorporating some underwater physics on top of regular Angry Birds physics. As a tip, users should remember that the birds act the same way as submerged lightweight objects such as beach balls. Meanwhile, the pigs are more dense and heavy, like rocks, and could sink to the ocean floor. Hitting other things underwater like fishes gives points.

Since it is only an update and not an entirely new version, this update doesn’t introduce new birds. There is plenty to enjoy, though, especially for long-time fans, such as the sound effects that Rovio has introduced. Furthermore, there are some golden eggs that await discovering. Rovio has likewise incorporated minor enhancements to the gameplay in general.

Rovio seems to be intent on bringing more and more experiences to loyalists. Just a few weeks ago, Angry Birds Space was updated with some levels that feature food.

As an added bonus to the launching of Angry Birds Seasons:Piglantis, the developers are sponsoring a contest for a randomly chosen winner. Users can join the contest by posting on Twitter a message that may be written on a postcard. Participants must use the #welcometopiglantis hashtag to qualify and publish the tweet before Monday, June 18 at 12pm GMT, when the contest officially ends. The winner will receive a bunch of limited edition Angry Birds Seasons: Piglantis postcards.

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