Android Gets Flipboard Beta

Flipboard, a social network management, has released a beta version for users of Android-based devices. Initially, this app had been exclusively available for users of devices with iOS, including the iPod Touch, the iPad, and the iPhone from Apple. Flipboard enjoyed great popularity on the Apple devices, and later, it was released for users of the Samsung Galaxy S III, an Android device. Now, Flipboard has decided to open up the service for users of other Android-based devices through a beta version with which users may review the app for possible bugs, or suggest possible improvements.

Its wide popularity is due to its ability to facilitate the use of various forms of social media by getting feeds from the websites and streaming them into one magazine type format. Users read the tweets, status updates as they would read a magazine, with photos and videos breaking the monotony of the tiled layout. This makes checking social media not only easy but also highly enjoyable with simple swipes through the app’s feeds.

The Android version of Flipboard appears as attractive as the one for iOS users. However, apart from the modern and minimalist design, Android users of Flipboard are also provided with some good preloaded gadgets.

Flipboard for Android is able to get updates from the most popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Users can furthermore subscribe to RSS feeds from any site that offers it.

Currently, Flipboard for Android is optimized for smartphone devices, although it can also be used on tablet PCs. It also has not been optimized for Google Reader, while it is also possible to add the service to one’s feed.

The Flipboard app is available for download from the official Flipboard website. However, it is not yet downloadable at Google Play at present.