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Android Catch Up With Apple’s iPad in Tablet Market Penetration

According to a market study released on Monday, Google’s Android has caught up with Apple’s iPad in market penetration.  A survey by Frank N. Magid Associates carried out for Online Publishers Association in the US market indicate that over half of tablet owners (51%) have Android tablets compared to Apple iPad’s 52%.  The numbers exceed 100% because some tablet owners have more than one type of tablet.

About a year ago, 72% of all tablet owners had Apple’s iPad while only 32% had Android tablets showing that there has been almost 20% increase in market penetration by Google’s Android and almost a similar number drop in Apple’s iPad market penetration over the same period.

However, Apple’s iPad remains the most common tablet in use today with a 31% market share.  Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which runs on a version of Google’s Android operating system, comes second with 28% market share and Apple’s original iPad comes third with a 22% market share.  Samsung’s Galaxy tab which runs on Android comes next with 13% market share, the survey indicates.

Over the last year, the number of tablet owners has shot up to 74.1 million in the US from 28.3 million.  This means that about 12% of the US population own tablets.  The report further says that by the end of the year, 47% of the population or 117.4 million users, will own tablets.

Frank N Magid Associates carried out an online survey of 2,540 US internet users aged between 8 and 64 between 19th and 26th March this year.  Although Apple still leads the apple market, Android is bound to overtake by the end of the year and maintain the position for at least three years.  The users of Apple iPads seem to be more contented with their device with a 95% satisfaction rate followed by Android owners at 90%.

In a twist, however, Android’s main competitor will be Microsoft’s tablet that debuted today.  Early speculations indicate that the tablet will run on Windows 8 for tablets and will feature low-power ARM processors.

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