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Android Apps Can Now Access Mac OS X by BlueStacks

Bluestacks, the award-winning Android emulator platform that brings Android to Windows, is now available on the Mac OS X, as well.

Launched just this March, the original Bluestacks gave a chance to those users on Windows who did not have an Android device to enjoy the innovations on the open-source OS. Likewise, it allowed users to link their Windows PC to their Android devices. The idea appealed to so many users that in only nine days, Bluestacks already had a million downloads. Though it initially started with a few basic apps on its alpha version like Alchemy, Talking Tom, and Drag Racing, the list of apps compatible with Bluestacks is now growing for Windows users. At present, the Android apps available come in a variety of categories, such as Games, Music, Kids, Photos, News, Messaging, and Social.

Recently, however, the Bluestacks team had been hard at work at offering the same experience for Mac users. Now, the alpha version comes with seventeen apps including Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Zebra Paint, Pulse, Glow Hockey, Paper Toss, Seesmic, Basketball Shot, Robo Defense, Elastic World, and Air Control Lite. Despite Bluestacks being an alpha version, most of these applications run smoothly, although improvements could be made regarding their speed. Some, however, as expected in an alpha version, had some bugs that need to be fixed.

When Bluestacks for Mac is compared to Bluestacks for Windows, the former has few functionalities at the moment. The sync function, for instance, is still missing, as well as the ability to download apps from a variety of app libraries such as Get Jar, Amazon Appstore, and Google Play.

These issues will likely be addressed once the Bluestacks team brings the emulator into its beta version. This might prompt some to hold off on downloading Bluestacks until these features are finally in place. That said, those who are simply curious how Android apps work on a Mac could head over to the Bluestacks website to try it out.

Bluestacks has been much lauded for its ambition, and rightly so. In a time when users are divided by the kind of OS they are using, an emulator like this will push developers to create apps for that can be enjoyed across different devices.

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