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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean To Debut on Galaxy Nexus?

Here’s some cheerful news for Galaxy Nexus aspirants. According to an unsolicited or rather inadvertent leak by Google, reports are out that suggest the roll-out of the newer version of Android 4.1- Jellybeans on Galaxy Nexus devices.

The leaks sprouted when on Thursday, people who added Galaxy Nexus to their carts from the PlayStore got the following message: “The largest smartphone from Google, soon to be launched with Android 4.1- Jellybeans” [see image below]

The irony however is that Google is yet to officially announce this update. Looks like someone spilled the beans way too early.

It is expected that Google might roll out this update and announce it formally during its Google IO developer’s council next week. It is also expected to launch a 7 inch Nexus tablet embedded with latest software and manufactured by Asus.

We are not sure as to what new would roll out in Android 4.1- Jellybeans. However, preliminary releases of Jellybean images hint at possible tweaks in the Google search widget and the inclusion of Google Chrome as the default browser in the Android system.

Though Google had promised to roll-out 3D maps, it is very unlikely that it would be made available only to Jellybeans users. Google Maps may evenly roll-out for all devices as it is something which most people worship Google for. (Including me)

Other than some tweaks and additions, it is expected that Jellybeans would be no different than ICS in operation.

What would we like to see?

  • Google Passbook feature: Yes, we want to see something like that. It’s time Google renovates its Google Wallet app and creates something more commendable for people to use. It can follow the lines of the fruit-bearing company or pave its own way out. A Google app which manages cards, coupons and tickets at one place would be heavenly.
  • Google voice: A personalized voice-assistant which potentially mocks SIRI.
  • Google Drive integration: This would mean extended storage space and a lot of convenience, Google’s answer to Appls’s iCloud service. Owned.

If Google is sure about this update, it would surely announce it in the Google I/O developer conference to be held in between June 27- June 29.

Keep your eye-balls rolling and keep praying.

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