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An Amazing Password Manager App By Ford

One of the toughest things to manage these days is a dozen passwords that we have for all those web accounts. Google, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest and the list goes on. It’s not uncommon to lose track of these passwords. There are of course password managers – with its own password – to help you remember them, but most are just too cumbersome and time consuming. How about a hardware device. A universal key for them all.

Ford has introduced a similar, NFC based technology for keyless entry into cars. Luckily, Ford now has decided to bring such a keyless entry for all our web accounts. The car maker, along with the advertising agency Ogilvy Paris has designed an App called KeyFree Login for the iPhone and it works in tandem with your Mac OS.

This is how it works. Once the app is installed on the iPhone and the Mac, the app needs to be setup for the first time by adding all the different passwords and associating them with their respective accounts. Once the setup is complete, it is a simple matter of just walking up to your Mac with your iPhone in your hand. The two devices communicate via Bluetooth and all your accounts are logged in automatically without ever having to lay a finger on the keyboard. To logout, just walk away from your Mac with your iPhone and all your accounts get logged out.

The only other thing you require is the Google Chrome browser because, unfortunately, as of now the app works only on Chrome browser with an added browser extension. It is strange that the developers choose Google Chrome over Apple’s Safari Browser when the app itself is for the Mac and iPhone. None the less, the simplicity of the app puts all other password managers to shame.

The only hitch is, the app cannot be found in the App Store yet and the official website is still under construction. Hoping to see it materialize soon.
Check out the app in action

[vimeo 43886541 w=400 h=300]

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