Amazon Starts Gathering Android Apps for European Markets

Amazon is now gathering Android apps that it will offer on an upcoming distribution in several European countries, including Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and the UK. The European portal is an expansion of their Amazon Android App Store in the US, which has already gained some success in that market. This is particularly because it is the app store offered on the popular Kindle Fire tablet, instead of Google’s own Play store.

The retail giant will make the apps available towards the end of the summer in this new niche, while new ones will be launched later this year. App developers who are interested to submit their apps for the collection may drop by Amazon’s Mobile App Distribution Portal.

To entice developers, Amazon is offering a 70-30 division of the income. That is, 70% goes to the developer, and 30% to the company when they are able to make a sale of paid apps as well as items from Amazon’s In-App Purchasing Service. This incentive will be valid starting July 1st.

Amazon also did away with the annual developer fee as well as revamped the submission process to make it hassle free for those interested. Developers may now specify the countries where they want the apps to be sold as well as the pricing they are asking for in that region. This will allow developers to create apps that are more responsive to local needs and preferences.

Amazon is looking into offering the same service in more European countries, but for now, those that have been stated are their priorities. Meanwhile, in the US, the Amazon Appstore has grown rapidly despite having been available for only a year. It offers features such as Test Drive, which lets users try apps before they buy them, as well as 1-Click Purchasing, which simplifies the buying process. In-App Purchasing is a recent addition that helps developers augment their revenue by offering some virtual items for sale and channeling the process through Amazon’s service.

Amazon has not revealed the exact launch date of its European app store.

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