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Amazon brings its MYHABIT app to Kindle Fire and Android smartphones

Fashion is never dead. Some people may not understand fashion, but that is the only thing that a lot of people understand. Two in five people are fashion literates, which means that they know which are the popular brands, which are worth buying, which brand makes which kinds of clothes, and much more.

Some people are so addicted that they are always looking out for offers and special discounts on clothes so that they could grab a pair or two for less price. And this is not just the ladies that I am talking about, but men are equally addicted. And parents are keen to get really trendy clothes for their little ones. So fashion in the kids section is also a very big business.

You might be wondering, if you follow fashion that is, how to keep track of all this. It would have been so easy if there was an app for your smart phone or tablet. Well, there are so many fashion apps, and Amazon joins the list. Amazon has brought [easyazon-link asin=”B00881IN6G” locale=”us”]My Habit app[/easyazon-link] for its own Kindle Fire and Android smart phones. Talk Android writes:

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned sale… especially if it involves your favorite fashion brands? Well online retailer Amazon has you covered by releasing its MYHABIT app for its Kindle Fire, as well as other Android devices. Similar to other online sample sales for fashion brands, MYHABIT will allow users to keep track of various sales happening throughout a day, while getting sweet discounts for the clothing and accessories offered. The best thing? There’s something for men, women and children— so no one is left out.

Well, I guess you are pretty interested already. If you are, you can download the Amazon My Habit app for your Kindle Fire or Amazon smart phone from the Google Play Store.
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