Alarm Clock Ultra App: Your Partner to Off Bed

If a regular alarm clock or even regular phone alarm do not work for you, then perhaps you will find the Alarm Clock Ultra to be a useful addition to the list of apps on your smartphone. This alarm clock app comes chock-full of features that will ensure that you will get to work, school, or your appointments on time.

This app, which is suitable for devices with Android 2.1 or higher, is able to play a wide variety of music as alarm tones. This includes your own music stored on your smartphone, or its own selection of 25 alarm melodies, including relaxing music, Latin music, traditional alarm clock sound, or the sound of a rooster crowing. There is an option to make the sound play gradually, and a setting to increase or decrease the volume, so the alarm would be set according to your level of comfort.

Unfortunately, some people get so used to the sound of their alarm clock that they can already block out the sound and go back to sleep. The Alarm Clock Ultra, however, has foreseen that situation. It includes an option to keep the music playing until the user gives the correct solution to a puzzle or a math problem to check if the user has really woken up. Moreover, it has different alarm modes such as multiple alarms and repeating alarms, vacation mode or quick sleep.

The app also includes a stopwatch, an egg timer, and countdown function. The night mode function, meanwhile, converts your phone into a desk or bedside clock by keeping the alarm clock screen on. If you want to use the app as a watch, it also comes with a home screen widget that shows the time.

An ad-supported version of Alarm Clock Ultra is currently available for free from Google Play. However, you can always pay for the app for $3 to get an ad-free version. The latter has an Ultra Sleep System feature that plays soothing music to make you fall asleep. It also provides more alarm sounds as well as feeds from Facebook and Twitter.