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Agora Briefcase: A Professional File Sharing App For iOS, That Android Could Do With

We all send text messages every day to friends and family without even giving a second thought how we are sending it. It’s too casual a thing to dwell too much upon. But for those for whom security or privacy matters there is the “professional” BBM from Blackberry. The same can be said about file sharing. We all share tons of gigabytes of files over the internet. It may be through file sharing sites or torrents or e-mails etc. Most of those are casual file sharing. What about the needs of professionals. Mighty Mack thinks, it’s iOS app, Agora Briefcase is that medium for professionals. Am not comparing the app with the likes of BBM, but for a free app, it delivers really well.

Wait, you might say, there is Dropbox, the popular cloud storage and file sharing service which can come in handy on many occasions. But then again, it might not be enough for some and those “some” should take a look at Agora Briefcase.
The Agora Briefcase has been developed especially with keeping in mind the professionals. The app lets the user share files with clients without actually giving it to them. Permission only to view and not to edit or copy. The files can also be updated in real time and “pushed”. The same applies for media files. Files can be pushed to individual recipients and the next time they log in, the files will be pulled for their viewing. Everything is controlled with the neat iPad app interface without having to contend with the ‘Dropbox type’ file system. Also, the app gives centralized control to you over your files. Meaning, if you delete the file on your account, the file is deleted from all the other accounts you previously shared it with.
This app is definitely worth a try, especially, considering it’s free.

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