AdMob integration brings AdWords to Mobile Apps

If you did not know, AdMob is a platform which allows you to place ads on mobile apps, and target them to the right people based on location, phone model and platform, etc. AdMob offers advertisers a great deal of flexibility while creating and publishing their ads. Google had acquired the company in 2010 at a price of $750 million, which was no gamble, looking at the number of mobile devices sold each year. Mobile advertising is huge today, and Google has been planning to cash in on it.

Now Google has revealed that they have integrated AdWords into AdMob, which opens up a host of opportunities for advertisers. They will have a chance to market their products through the 300,000 apps that come under AdMob’s sphere of influence. There are about 1 million advertisers on AdWords, and Google has done a commendable job of bridging the gap between them and mobile advertising space. They’ll be able to target their ads to particular tablet models and phones. They can even choose which apps they wish to place their ads on, which can be crucial in getting their message across to the right demography.

Google has already placed a new campaign type in AdWords named “mobile apps”. To quote Google:

AdWords advertisers’ will now have access to mobile app inventory from directly within the AdWords interface, giving them the ability to create and manage ad campaigns that run across more than 300,000 mobile apps in the AdMob network.  Advertisers will be able to easily build, launch, and optimize their mobile campaigns across multiple platforms, and have full transparency about where their mobile ads run.

What’s next for AdWords? With the introduction of mobile ads, you might think Google has all bases covered, but you’re wrong. Google now wishes to achieve success in the field of video ads, which might be the next thing to get incorporated into AdWords.