7Gb/s 802.11ac Wi-Fi-Enabled Devices Arriving in 2013

The development in Wi-Fi connections is at full speed today, with the development of 802.11ad, a new standard offering as much as 7 GBps. In 2013, it is expected that products supporting this new standard will be certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, possibly around the latter part of the year.

Chips supporting the device are still difficult to find in the market today, even at the Computex expo in Taipei. However, they are now being tested on various devices, while the new standard is still undergoing developed. Before the year ends, some manufacturers might even release notebooks with support for 802.11ad connectivity.

Meanwhile, another technology is being developed alongside 802.11ad, called 802.11ac. In contrast with 802.11ad, 802.11ac might be available much earlier, perhaps as early as the first months of 2013.These two technologies, while both for wireless networking, are intended for different uses. The 802.11ac, on the 5GHz band, aims to provide wireless connectivity inside whole buildings whereas 802.11ad, which will work on the 60GHz band, is more adequate for shorter distances, such as single-room use. 802.11ad, for instance, is useful for streaming content from a mobile device to a television, eliminating the need for cables. It will not be appropriate for longer distances because it is sensitive to obstacles like walls.

Despite the development of these new connection standards, 802.11ad is not likely to cause the phasing out of older standards like 802.11n. Rather, this will coexist with these other standards in tri-band routers. To kickstart the spread of 802.11ad, the Wi-Fi Alliance is prioritizing point to point connection instead of routers. Routers, nonetheless, will eventually come into the picture. Still, Wi-Fi Alliance is envisioning router-less setups using connections between devices instead of through routers. Laptops, for example, like the UltraThin which runs on AMD Trinity or Intel ultraBooks could be equipped with a special wireless card that enables the connection. The same is expected for tablets like the Hondo tablet as well.

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  1. Great article! We have so much going on in our house; from smartphones to netflix streaming off of our ps3 upstairs, and off of our wii in the playroom; then online gaming in the upstairs bedroom, and at least 2 laptops and one desktop on every night!

    I am looking into wireless routers, and I am looking at a few 11ac routers that were just released.

    I started reading some reviews and they mentioned that these products are not WiFi certified 802.11ac products, since the certification won’t start until early next year. From what I could tell, they are definitely not WiFi Certified.

    I read that this could cause problems with devices that are released after the 11ac certification, so I am thinking of waiting, or getting a 11n router.

    Can anyone tell more about this issue?

    Should I only buy a 802.11ac router that has WiFi Certification?

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