5 Things We Expect Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to Have

The time for the world’s most popular smartphone operating system to get upgraded – the Android – has come.  During the 2012 Google I/O conference tomorrow, Google is expected to announce the new version of Android Operating system code named ‘Jelly bean.  Different websites have so far tipped the operating system version as 4.1 and is expected to be smaller but more advanced and stable.  The number 1 problem that Google is facing with the operating system is that hardware manufacturers are not clearing it for devices that already exist – chances are that most devices will remain with Android 2.3 or earlier.  The latest upgrade expected to be released on Wednesday are currently unknown but here are 5 ideas of things we should expect in Jelly Bean.

1. Chrome browser

Chrome beta is much more stable and faster than the Android phone browser.  We hope that with the Jelly Bean, the ‘beta’ will be dropped and the Chrome made the main browser for Android.  The official build of Chrome would be a great benefit to Android users.


2. Improved Google Play Market

At the moment, Google Play Market is such a big mess.  It is full of junk applications, sorting through the apps is a mess and getting around is almost impossible for a user who is not sure what to look for.  Google should roll out a better and improved Google Play Market that users can rely on to find useful content on the site.


3. Google Voice Assistant

Google’s response to Apple’s Siri has been in development for a couple of months now.  We expect it to make its debut during the I/O conference.  Google has always been a leader in dictation and voice commands and the extensive voice assistant expected to be feature-packed.


4. The death of Chrome OS

Google Chrome is not going anywhere, we all know that.  It appears that the tech world has no room for a thin client cloud computing system, Google needs to re-focus its efforts on projects that actually matter.  Even if Google do not make it obvious, we expect that no effort will be allocated to Chrome OS.


5. More Devices

Google realizes that although its operating system is very popular, there is only one of its devices running on Android.  The Nexus tablet may be released tomorrow as well but Google will need to re-assert its efforts on developing new devices especially smartphones, and claim a part of the glory of the Android platform.

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  1. Chrome OS is not dead. It is being updated continually. If you read the news, you’ll find that recently, Google has sold many units to schools in the US. I use an original Google Chromebook all the time. It is a great tool. Simple, yet powerful.

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