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Yes That Verizon Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0.4 Update Was Real

If you’ve been wandering around the interwebs today you may have seen a few stories about a mysterious Samsung Galaxy Nexus rocking Android 4.0.4. If you’re a die hard Android enthusiast you probably know that we are supposed to be on Android 4.0.5 on Verizon Wireless’ Galaxy Nexus however 4.0.4 hasn’t been pushed out.

We are anxiously awaiting our email from Update Albert to let us know that the update is officially ready for the masses. In the meantime a picture surfaced of an in-store Verizon Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0.4. Now we know that you can easily fake a version number if you have a little bit of skillz however this was an in-store model as in attached to the display at the store.

This is all thanks to Poseign an Android Forums user who just went into his Verizon Wireless store, noticed the software version and captured a photo. It’s been reported that the update is valid in fact someone was able to procure a log from an updated phone and find the actually file for the upgrade. The nice people at XDA can now install the update via Clockworkmod Recovery.

We’re pretty sure the update should happen soon. Update Albert will email us when it’s officially ready and we will spread the word to you.

source: PhoneArena, Android Central, Android Forums

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