Yahoo’s new search browser for your computer and iDevices

Yahoo, in an attempt to come up in the headlines, has come up with a new product, the Axis browser. This is not exactly a browser, but more of a search plug in, or a search enhancement. When you want to search something on the internet, you open your web browser, go to a search engine, such as Google or Bing, or even Yahoo, type in your search query and then click on the text link which you think is more relevant for your needs. Yahoo has tried to change or enhance the second step of this process by eliminating text links and replacing them with snapshots of the landing website.

This is more visually pleasing, but not so productive as you think. Because, it is not a problem if you have a very high speed internet, but most parts of the world does not have access to high speed internet, even though broadband. So image generation will take time which means that your search results will take time. Second, only images appear, and not text links, which also means that there are very less search results being shown on a webpage.

For your computer, this is only a browser extension for your favourite browser, be it IE9, Firefox, or Chrome. But on the iPhone or the iPad, it is a browser on its own. Apart from this feature, Yahoo has also aimed to making all your previous search results and currently open pages accessible on all your connected devices. This means that if you have been browsing on your computer and want to continue this on your iPad or your iPhone, you can do it. You can pick it from right where you left it.

But for this, the service needs you to be logged into either Yahoo, or Facebook, or Google Plus. So, even though the service is not as great as Yahoo thinks it is, the Axis is something for sure.

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