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Windows 8 release candidate coming on June 1st

I know a lot of you have been waiting to get your hands dirty with the new operating system from Microsoft, the new Windows 8. A lot of us have already started using the developer preview and the consumer preview editions which have been made available by Microsoft for free in the last month. But we all know that not all features of Windows 8 are present on these previews, including some very crucial security updates. But that worry is gone for good. The new, which comes somewhere from China from a guy called “Canouna”, who also happens to be a very well known Microsoft insider, says that the first Release Candidate (RC) will be released to the public on the 1st of June, that is just a few days away.

But this still is just a rumor, so it’s up to you to decide the credibility of the source. The release date of the final retail edition of the operating system is still not certain, though rumors again say that an October launch is most possible.

In the tweet, Canouna boldly states, “#Microsoft ‪#Windows8 Release Preview public download = 1st June”.

Another news along with this is that the new Windows 8 will be coming pre installed with Adobe Flash. The purpose of this is still unknown. We all know that Adobe Flash is losing its ground for the new HTML 5 now, at least already in some applications. Also, we know that Flash brings with it some security concerns, as seen on many occasions. So how good is it to have the software pre installed on your operating system? Will this leave the new Windows 8 vulnerable from the day it is going to be launched?

Unlike Apple and Steve Jobs, who have been against the use of Adobe Flash on any of their devices, Microsoft seems to be in favour of it for some reason. And the “Adobe Flash pre installed” statement in the ads of Windows 8 is not going to do any good for power users of the Windows operating system, as we all know that we can install it any day we want for free directly from Adobe’s website. So let us see how the public will take this. We will soon be seeing this.

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