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Windows 8 coming in four flavors

If you are an operating system junkie, you will be knowing that Microsoft is all set to release its new operating system, the Windows 8, in October of this year. But preceding that is the launch of the Release Candidate of the new operating system. And we also know that it is being released on the 1st of June, so that is just 3 days away. Today, we have some more news about the operating system which is surely going to get you all excited.

Microsoft is going to release the new Windows 8 operating system in four different flavors, out of which three are of interest to all. These three are the Windows 8 Core, Windows 8 Pro, and the Windows 8 Pro WMC, where WMC translates to Windows Media Center. The Windows Media Center edition was missing in Windows 7, but it looks like the company is bringing it back to the market, thanks to the increased use of media content.

The fourth one is a special tailor made Chinese Edition, which will not entertain a large percentage of users. Also, there was a rumor that there would be no more Aero Glass theme on Windows 8, the popular one which gave Windows Vista and Windows 7 a very different look compared to the older versions of Windows. In fact, just recently on the Building Windows 8 Blog, Microsoft’s Jensen Harris said that it was being dropped because the trend of “faux materials” had exceeded its shelf life and Aero now looks “dated and cheesy.”

But according to the screen shots released by WinUnleaked, this does not seem to be true. The themed does look a lot like the Aero Glass theme. So users who would like to have the Aero Glass theme still on, can still do it. And the only thing remaining is the pricing info. The Remond operating system giant is still to give a clear cut pricing chart. But all we know for now is the the upgrade from Windows 7 Professional edition to the Windows 8 Professional edition will cost you just $15.

Stay tuned for more info.

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