Virgin Mobile to launch LG Optimus Elite with Google Wallet

If you are a Virgin mobile user and love using LG’s Android phones, then you will be knowing about the different offerings that Virgin has (or does it?). LG’s Optimus V, a low range phone, was one of the most well selling Android phone that the mobile network carrier boasted. It is true that the Virgin Mobile network has a lot of users who use the LG Optimus V, and even though it is running on the very old Android 2.2, or Froyo as it popularly called, the phone is still alive.

A lot of customers, Android fans, have been waiting for an update to at least Gingerbread on this device. And even though LG has already prepared the update and given it to Virgin Mobile, the mobile carrier is not ready to release and seed the update. Instead, the wireless carrier is just releasing a new pre updated phone for its customers.

Yes, LG is all set for the release of the LG Optimus Elite, which is an update to not only the operating system running on the older Optimus V, but also the users get a hardware refresh. The Optimus Elite comes with Gingerbread, or Android 2.3.x, so that is an upgrade from the Froyo that is still running on the Optimus V.

Also, there are other hardware upgrades such as a faster processor, 800 MHz processor on the Optimus Elite compared to the 600 MHz one found on the Optimus V. Even though 800 MHz is a bit less, it is a lot better than a 600 MHz one. Also, the Optimus Elite has a slightly bigger 3.5 inch screen compared to the 3.2 inch screen found on the Optimus V.

The phone will also a cool new feature, the NFC, which stands for Near Filed Communication. Using this new feature, you will be able to transfer data to other NFC enabled devices by just tapping your phone to that other device. Also, with this, comes the not so popular Google Wallet service. Using this, you will be able to make payments for a variety of things using your phone, but only at places where Google Wallet is supported.

People who like taking photos will be happy too as the Optimus Elite has a 5 MP lens on the back compared to the crappy 3.2 MP on the Optimus V. If you want to upgrade to the Optimus Elite from the Optimus V, you only have to shell out $20 more. And if you want an unlocked version, you will have to shell out $149.99. The company is releasing the phone on the 15th of May.

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