Verizon Employees Pushing Android Over iPhone, Here’s Why

A CNN Money report over the weekend has really got the interwebs chatting about iPhone vs Android and why in the world Verizon Wireless is back to hawking Android first.

It was almost three years ago that Verizon Wireless and Motorola teamed up for the original Motorola Droid. With all the marketing, fanfare and promotions surrounding the launch Verizon grabbed Android by the horns and ran with it until the iPhone was announced.

Naturally, employees were eager to sell the iPhone because it’s not nearly as much work as trying to explain that Android phones are just much better equipped and have better features than the iPhone. This is true I own both.

But now the game has changed again. As PC Magazine’s smartphone guru, and industry expert, Sascha Segan points out, Verizon has switched gears back to Android. Heck we even heard Android mentioned in Verizon commercials that aired all weekend long during sporting events.

Segan suggests and we agree, that the shift has nothing to do with the Android vs iPhone war or subsidies on phones .It doesn’t have to do with commissions either.  As Segan points out what it does have to do with is 4G/LTE.

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Verizon Wireless has spent billions of dollars on it’s 4G/LTE network including the $5 billion they shelled out for the C-Block 700mhz spectrum licenses.  So of course they want to get as many customers as possible on their 4G/LTE network, and news flash, the iPhone 4S isn’t a 4G/LTE device.

Not only does Verizon Wireless want to get customers onto their 4G/LTE network because of the investment they’ve put into it but their 3G network is getting more and more crowded and it’s getting slower and slower. PC Magazine did a speed comparison in 2010 where Verizon Wireless 3G was in the 1.0mbps/range now it’s barely over 700kbps.

To get the speed back up on 3G they need to migrate customers and they can’t migrate iPhone customers. The iPhone just came onto the network last February so even if those customers were inclined to switch to Android from iPhone for the 4G/LTE network speeds they are still under contract on that iPhone.

When Verizon recently reported their Q1 earnings they revealed that only 9.1% of their 93 million users have switched over to 4G/LTE. Data devices like mifis and usb dongles aren’t making a dent in 4G/LTE migration.

It looks like Verizon Wireless will continue to beef up their Android 4G/LTE offerings and marketing until at least Apple announces a 4G/LTE iPhone.

source: PC Mag