Twitter updated for better performance

Twitter has always been slow on performance and load times almost ever since the service became available. I am sure that almost all of you have seen the fail whale image on the Twitter web site at least once during the period of your Twitter use. The company, which is made up of merely 300+ people, has now worked out something to make Twitter a better place to tweet.

Back in 2010, Twitter updated its code so that most of the load that Twitter was getting was redirected to the user’s browsers. This was so that the company would not have to put a lot of load on its servers, which would mean that the server would be free of heavy traffic and which in turn would enable millions of people on the network to tweet whatever they want.

But this also did not turn out to be as it was expected. The service was heavily dependent on the user’s browsers, which means that the website would run really complex and heavy Java Scripts on the users’ browsers, making it even slower. You do remember the times when you clicked on the “Compose new tweet” button and waited for a long time for the empty text box window to pop up, right?

Well, according to a blog post which was recently written by a Twitter employee, this has been changed. The company has restructured its server architecture and has changed the code so that the web page does not depend on the users’ browsers. The load is taken back to the company’s servers, which means that the load on users’ browsers is reduced by a whooping 80 percent, according to the blog post.

This update has now been applied to the tweet permalink page. After through testing and improvements, the update will be rolled to all the Twitter pages, which would really improve the Twitter experience a lot.