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Twitter for Android updated with many bug fixes

If you are Twitter user and an owner of an Android phone, you have plenty of options for a Twitter client on your phone. And I am pretty much sure that you would have tried at least three of them, the official Twitter app, the TweetDeck app, and the TweetCaster or the Seismic app. For a few years, TweetDeck was an independent company, and it was one of the best known Twitter clients on almost all major platforms. The app started as a desktop client for Windows, then extended to Mac and Linux.

Then, the mobile revolution had started and the TweetDeck app was migrated to iPhone as well. Later, and lastly, the app hit the Google Play Store, then the Android Market. Once this came in, the popularity or the importance of the official Twitter app in the Android ecosystem lost its place. Less and less people wanted to use the official Twitter client as the new TweetDeck offered a lot of awesome features, creating of new columns and maintaining notifications preferences for each of these columns. So, probably, the development of the official Twitter client was suppressed as Twitter bought TweetDeck later.

Now, the official Twitter app is back with some bug fixes which were, actually, were silly bugs. And the bugs mainly affected the older version of Android, the Eclair. But none the less, the update is worth having on all the versions of Android. The update has  fixed a bug causing profile images not to load on Eclair devices, a fix for top tweets appearing out of order in the Search and Discovery views,  and a fix for sync settings.

If you are wanting to download the new version and update the app on your Android phone or tablet, you can download the updated app from the Google Play Store directly.

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