TDG Live: Samsung UnPacked London: Samsung Galaxy S III

8:02pm: quick run trample time. We’ll have some exclusive video up shortly!!! bye for now. Thanks to Sam, James and everyone else on the location team. Thanks to Elijah at home for being awesome. Thanks to my mom, the academy and the producers, Thanks to old aunt nettie, thanks to the man who sat next to us and hasn’t bathed in quite some time.

8:01pm WTH is going on

7:59pm: Rumors confirmed the Samsung Galaxy S III is the official Smartphone of the 2012 Olympics in London

7:57pm: Samsung is a worldwide Olympic partner

7:56pm: launching May 29th in Europe.

7:56pm: 3 memory servings 16gb, 32gb 64gb and microSD

7:55pm: NFC technology, NFC enabled devices to the London 2012 Olympic Games

7:53pm: Samsung is donating $100 for every person in attendance tonight to the WWE, they will repeat this donation for those at the US launch

7:51pm: Accessories:flip cover, desk top dock, car dock, wireless charging kit, All Share dongle, HDMI adapter, S Pebble an mp3 player music companion, what’s that all about

7:49pm: Galaxy S III will be 4G LTE but they will announce details on their world tour. We’re wondering if that means processor change in US

7:49: wifi channel bonding, Bluetooth 4.0

7:48pm: Wireless charging pad. In call sound equalizer



7:41pm: WAIT is the ticker back?

7:41pm: two colors, pebble blue and marble white

7:40pm: 8.6mm thick and 133 grams

7:37pm: Samsung to open up SDK’s and API’s to developers for All Share

7:37pm: Groupcast sharing over wi-fi

7:36pm Wait Wait Wait he just said Magic doesnt Apple have a patent on that

7:35pm Buddy photo share. Share pictures with the people in those pictures using facial recognition, you can send the photo straightaway

7:34pm: All Share Dongle

7:30pm: social tag, facial recognition in your gallery of your friends and family

7:28pm Direct call changes form text to call by motion using proximity sensor and motion

7:26pm: S-Voice understands 8 different languages and varying dialects of English

7:26pm: to wake up s-voice just “Hi Galaxy”

7:26pm: Natural voice recognition

7:25pm: Galaxy S III is like a good friend with S-Voice, so take that Siri

7:25pm: The Galaxy S III sees the user through the front facing camera to keep the screen on.

7:24pm: the phone “sees” using a feature called “Smart Stay”. Eliminates the need to wake up screen when reading long emails or ebooks

7:23pm: new social tag feature yipee

7:22pm: S-Voice commands

7:17pm there it is

7:16: 144 countries on 296 carriers wow. Launching Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa

4G version coming to America during the summer


7:14pm: effortlessly smart and intuitively simple

7:14pm: Inspired by nature

7:14pm: ha he just said it 2100mah battery

7:13pm: 8mp camera and intelligent features, burst shot, best photo, photo sharing

7:13pm: 4.8 inch screen

7:11pm: President Samsung Mobile, and my karaoking buddy, JK Shin is about to rock the mic and layout the hotness.. oh it has a 2100mah battery

7:10pm: thanks for letting us know the date is May 3rd

7:09pm: I really don’t care what her name is tonights MC is not Kim Titus sadface

7:05pm if you’re watching the feed at home 8 projectors are making those bubbles on the screen

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7:03pm: Wifi was working great now so-so

7:02pm: I really hope i can hear a British guy say “Pro-Cessor”

6:54pm: Journalists are ready to go and iPads and Macbooks are everywhere

6:49pm: We’re 10 minutes away everyone is crowding around the stage it’s almost show time. Can you feel it?

6:24pm we’ve got a little more than a half hour to go and the room is filling up:

5:47pm: Doors open shortly here’s the line of like minded journalists waiting to get a glimpse of the new Samsung Galaxy S III