Sprint CEO Dan Hesse Bets Part Of His Salary On iPhone

Sprint's Dan Hesse on stage at CTIA October 2010: File Photo: Thedroidguy.com/Thedroidguy LLC

If you’ve been a long time reader of thedroidguy then you know how much we like Sprint CEO Dan Hesse. Here’s very approachable, he treats his employees well and he’s a great speaker. In fact, we normally refer to Hesse as the CEO Next Door because he seems like he could be your next door neighbor.

Last year, after the Sprint Developer’s Conference we ran a story about a man who had a heart attack at the conference. Hesse used his plane to make sure the man’s family could get to the hospital in California where EMT’s had taken him. A year later we ran a follow up story and Hesse wrote to us to give us an update on the man’s condition and says he’s checked on him a few times.

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Now Hesse has become under fire by Sprint’s Board of Directors for the gamble they had made on spending billions to secure the iPhone. From a business stand point it was a lot of money but based on their Q1 2012 results it was a gamble that is paying off, and should continue to pay off for the nation’s third largest carrier (which beat AT&T in adds last quarter).

Hesse has decided to give over $3,000,000 back to the company in salary and incentives that he was eligible to receive under his 2011 and 2012 compensation plans. In a letter to Sprint’s HR department Hesse wrote:

“These voluntary actions regarding my personal compensation, which total $3,250,830, will eliminate any benefit for me to the discretionary adjustment the compensation committee made earlier this year,”

Hesse is bringing his compensation back to the same level it was in 2010.

source: reuters