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Sony Music Unlimited for Apple iPhone released outside of the US

Sony had given out a statement last year that it would be releasing the Sony Music Unlimited for the Apple iPhone in the first quarter of this year. The quarter came and went and we are already at the end of the second quarter. Think Sony has forgotten about the app? Well, no. Now the company has finally come out with the app and it is already available for download, but not in the United States yet. The app is available for download in counties including Canada and New Zealand.

The app will let you listen to online music stations that are featured on the service and also lets you create your own play lists and even lets you listen to your favorite music even offline. Even though the app is not yet available for United States and other regions’ music fans, the service itself can be found in 14 countries around the globe including Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and the UK.

Sony had already, long back, released an app for the Google’s mobile operating system, Android. Also, people who are proud of owning Sony’s Blu Ray players and the Play Station 3 also have the benefit of having the Sony Music Unlimited service on their respective devices for a long time now.

Phone Arena writes:

While the app is free, after a 30 day free trial, Sony wants you to reach into your pockets.There is a $3.99 a month deal which gives you core channels and your own personal music library. If you would rather have on-demand capabilities, that will cost you $9.99 a month. But the latter also gives you the ability to listen to tunes offline, create playlists and listen to premium channels. While Sony does not yet offer a version of the app for the Apple iPad, one is expected to come, hopefully more sooner than later.

Even though the deal sounds really attractive, Apple users already have the Apple iCloud and Android users have Google Music. Will Sony’s Music Unlimited change the game? Let us see in the future.

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