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SkyDrive for Android in the works

There is a new rumor a midst all the Apple iPhone 5 rumors. And it definitely feels a bit refreshing to be reading something other than the iPhone 5 4 inch screen or the iPhone 5 dock connector becoming smaller. Anyway, coming back to this interesting rumor, Microsoft is reportedly working on releasing an Android client for its Sky Drive service. The company might not have thought about this for some time now because it thought that its own mobile operating system, the Windows Phone 7, will be taking down Android, probably. But that did not happen, unfortunately or more fortunately.

This rumor comes from a tipster for Neowin, who says that he got this information from a document which was shared in the public folder of a Microsoft employee. The document that he referred to has already been taken down. But he says that he was able to take a screenshot of the document, but also is unwilling to share it with the rest of the world. So, it is up to you if you want to believe this or not.

According to the tipster, there is a new feature which will be released with the Sky Drive client for Android, and this new feature is called the ‘Recycle Bin.’ When it is coming from Microsoft, I guess we all know what that means. But this recycle bin is supposed to be of more use than to just hold you deleted files.

Using this new recycle bin, you will be able to retrieve your deleted files in case you need them back. So essentially this new feature is said to work like a back up for all your files online. And eventually, the Recycle Bin is said to be made available to all the Sky Drive clients on all platforms. But will this be good enough to make you migrate from services like Drop Box and others to Sky Drive? Let us see.

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