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Samsung’s new chip will give Samsung 2GB of RAM

Samsung is a very well known company, which is currently the world’s top smart phone manufacturer, that is smart phone running on the Google mobile operating system, Android. But how many of you know Samsung as a component manufacturer? Yes, the business end of Samsung as a component manufacturer is bigger than the smart phone manufacturing end of it. Most of the cell phones and smart phones in the market today use at least a few of Samsung’s components, such as the screen, or the processor, or the memory chips, or the RAM, or any other such component. And today, this end of the company has some good news for the world.

The company is working on a new technology which will enable the manufacturer to reduce the size of the memory chips to such an extent that it can develop units of 2 GB memory of which the size will be less than that of the 1 GB chips available today. Into Mobile writes:

This week the South Korean company is announcing that they’ve begun production on 4 gigabit 20 nanometer low power DDR2 memory. In other words, RAM. Today’s handset makers stack four 2 gigabit chips on top of each other to give their phones 8 gigabits of RAM, better known as 1 gigabyte. These new chips, being double the size, will enable smartphones with 2 gigabytes of RAM. Not only that, but this 2 GB package of RAM is also 20% less tall the equivalent 2 GB package built using 30 nanometer chips.

This is a really good news. But the question here is, when will chips manufactured using this new 20 namometer technology be out so that we can get one of them? iSuppli has the following quote from Samsung’s press release:

“Shipments of 4Gb LPDDR2 will steadily increase, taking approximately 13 percent of total DRAM shipments in 2012, 49 percent in 2013 and 63 percent in 2014, with 4Gb DRAM becoming the mainstream chip in the DRAM market around the end of 2013.”

So probably, by this time next year we will be able to play on an awesome phone games which are no available today on the hardware that would be exceptionally fast.

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