Samsung rolling out ICS Update to unlocked Galaxy Note

Samsung had promised that it will be updating the series of phones out of its stable that are running on Gingerbread or Android 2.3.x to the latest version of Android, that is Android 4.0.x, or Ice Cream Sandwich. But there have been no official words on this yet. The awesome Samsung Galaxy Note is one of those phones which is ready and in the queue to get the update to the new operating system. But apart from some unofficial leaks and custom ROMs, there has been no official ROM anywhere. The South Korean tech giant also seems to be numb about it.

But that is what we think. In reality, Samsung has already started rolling out the new Ice Cream Sandwich updates to Samsung Galaxy Note users worldwide, and the company is doing this very quietly. As a Devin Balentina has reported, he got an auto update notification on his Samsung Galaxy Note asking him to download a massive 318.89 MB update, with Android 4.0 (running Touchwiz) and updates to the S Note app and S Memo widget.

This update will also bring new versions of the Samsung Premium apps, which include S Note, S Memo, Shape Match, and My Story. The update notification also has a link to a YouTube video which showcases all the new features that come with the official Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The official version of Flipboard was also expected with this update, but unfortunately, it is not made available. For those who badly need Flipboard, there are other ways to get the full version of the app. On the other hand, the official update to Ice Cream Sandwich is very necessary. The company is rolling out the updates slowly worldwide, so have to wait for it.

I have tried a lot of custom ICS ROMs on my international version of Galaxy Note, but none of them are as good as the stock Gingerbread ROM. With the S-apps not working, there is no use of having a Galaxy Note. Let us just hope that we get the ICS update soon enough.

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