Samsung Galaxy S III’s S Voice app .apk released

If you have no better work to do this weekend, here is an adventure for you and your Android smart phone. The new S Voice app coming soon on the Samsung Galaxy S III, which is released by world’s largest Android smart phone manufacturer, Samsung, is already here. Yes, the awesome S Voice app is already available in the form of its .apk file, which is a mere 26.6 MB download from Mediafire. The app can be installed on most Android devices running Android 4.0.x, or Ice Cream Sandwich, and which is also rooted.

The app installs without a hassle on most devices, though the working of the app can not be guaranteed. It may work really great on some phones and may refuse to even load up on some phones. It all depends on how it takes your phone to be. And do take note that even if it loads up on your phone, do not expect it to work on your phone like it is expected to work on the Samsung Galaxy S III, this is because the app is designed to work on the Samsung Galaxy S III, and not on your phone.

But we can be sure of the fact that developers over at the XDA Forums and other developers will be very happy to play around with the .apk file of the S Voice and make it work as good as possible on other Samsung devices. But it is to see if the .apk file will be compatible with phones from other manufacturers, which is not a certainty.

And now, once you get this app working on your phone, you will be able to brag about this to some extent with your iPhone fan boys. They are not the only people who have voice based virtual assistant on their phones, right? And now, if you are interested, you can go ahead and download the .apk file of S Voice from here.

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