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Samsung Galaxy S III Walk Through Video

Thedroidguy was in London for the launch of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S III we have plenty of great coverage from the launch. Here is our hands on walk through video from the massive Samsung exhibition area at Earl’s Court in London.

As we reported earlier the Samsung Galaxy S III sports a huge 4.8″ HD superAMOLED screen with an 8mp camera on the rear and a 1.9mp camera on the front. It’s powered by a quad-core Exynos processor which we are hoping plays nice with 4G/LTE.

The phone is feature packed including an improved voice recognition system called S-Voice, improved camera, ability to share over wifi, an allshare dongle, the ability to change from text to a call by just moving the phone up to your ear and a host of other features.

It ships with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as the gentleman who did our walk through points out in the video below.

As Elijah pointed out on Thursday, there was no reference to Google Wallet. They did however say in the presentation that it supported NFC and not only that but they were teaming up with VISA to provide NFC devices at the Olympics. Google Wallet, as you probably know, works on paypass with MasterCard. This may be an early indication that Samsung is going to partner with ISIS for NFC in the future.

The phone is very sexy and as they pointed out in the press conference they’ve actually trimmed down the bezel, meaning that even with a 4.8″ screen the phone only stands a hair wider and taller than it’s predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S II. We’re sure there will be a lot more coverage of this great phone to come.

It launches on May 29th in Europe followed by Asia, and other international countries. Samsung has reported that the US and Japan and other 4G/LTE markets will get the phone during the summer, which as we know runs until mid September.

We aren’t sure if the delay is the fact that they are working on getting the Exynos processor to play nice with 4G/LTE or if we are going to end up with a slower processor in the U.S. bound devices, we will have to find that out later.¬† For now enjoy our video below and the picture gallery below that.

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