Samsung Galaxy S III Review

Easily the most anticipated Android phone of 2012, Samsung Galaxy S III has finally arrived. The latest flagship phone from Samsung does not disappoint, and has met expectations in every department. Build-wise, S III is similar to its predecessor, with lightweight plastic body. In hand, the phone feels solid and strong.

Although the screen is slightly bigger than its predecessor, S III doesn’t look too big, thanks to its ‘no-frills’ design. The 4.8 inch AMOLED display has received major improvements, because of which the bluish tint and the oversaturation found in S II has disappeared. In fact, the screen is one of the best features of Galaxy S III, and one of the most gorgeous panels we’ve ever seen. The quad-core Exynos processor is another huge improvement over S II, and offers blazing fast performance with no lag whatsoever. The benefit is felt in the camera app too, which loads up instantly and can easily take up to 6 photos per second at a resolution of 8 megapixels. There’s almost no shutter lag to be noticed, which is well suited to high speed photography.

User experience on the phone is great because of the flawless performance. The gesture controls and face recognition that Android 4.0 brings to the table are pretty neat and useful. Next, thanks to the Exynos chip and a huge 2100 mAh, S III manages to deliver an impressive battery life, at par with other competing flagships. The phone can last through a day on heavy usage, and a lot longer when used conservatively. Overall, the Galaxy S III is a great device, exactly the kind you’ll expect when you pay a hefty amount for a phone. It’s good looking, super-fast, has a gorgeous screen and has an awesome camera to top it all.

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  1. Samsung Siii Comes with Awesome feature like S-beam for share anything in your circle, Eye trackor, S-voice these are special feature in samsung galaxy siii. you are really enjoyed with it..

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