Samsung Galaxy S III already has 9 million pre-orders

If you follow technology like most people here on the blogosphere do, you would have surely heard of the new Samsung Galaxy S III. This is the new kid in the block, and this new kid pretty much rocks all the oldies. The phone was unveiled at the Samsung UNPACKED event earlier this month. And even before the event, the phone had got the title, ‘King of Android smart phones.’ The title holds good in many ways.

First, the devices comes with awesome tech specs. The Galaxy S III has a quad core processor running at 1.4 GHz, if you over clock this beast, its processing power will be much more than a lot of netbooks in the market today. Yes, such is the power of the phone. Also, it has a massive 1 GB of RAM, and if you are not happy with this, you can import one form Japan where the same phone is going to get an additional 1 GB of RAM taking it up to a total of 2 GB of ROM. Next, it has an awesome 4.8 inch Super AMOLED HD display which will make watching videos, taking pictures, and browsing the internet a lot more fun.

Next, it has one of the best cameras on any smart phone, a good 8 mega pixel shooter which can record videos at full HD, 1080p. Also, it has the capability of taking still photos while you are recording a video, which is pretty impressive. Next, it is coming with the state of the art software, the Android 4.0 version, which is also known as Ice Cream Sandwich.

But other manufactures are also releasing similar specked smart phones to give some competition. And HTC has already released the HTC One X, which comes with very similar specs. But the brand name and the features do matter. An unnamed Samsung official has leaked the news that there are already 9 million pre orders of the phone, which include the Galaxy S III’s which will be sold by more than 290 carriers in more than 145 countries. That is a big number, and I do not think even the HTC One X had so many orders before its launch.

So, if you are one among the many who are still waiting for the device, it is best you order it today to wait less.