Samsung Galaxy S 3 stock ROM extracted and leaked

Finally, the must waited phone of the year was announced just around a week ago, and the most waited software part of the Samsung Galaxy S III is now out. Yes, we are talking about the official custom ROM of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The full stock ROM of the phone is now available for download on the internet. The people over at XDA Developers have already been able to extract the complete ROM for download and further development.

What does this mean to an end user? If you have a rooted Android device the hard ware specs of which is almost similar to the Samsung Galaxy S III, you  will be able to install this new and awesome ROM on your device. And people who are going to get their Samsung Galaxy S III phones soon enough and wish to root it will be able to install some really cool custom ROM on their phones as the stock will now be used to customize the ROM as much as possible.

But you will have to wait at least for a month to get around a very stable custom ROM for your Samsung Galaxy S III. The development is already going on as you are reading this, but the ROMs will not be made available for at least a couple of weeks. Also, the availability of the stock ROM means that the developers will be able to extract the .apk files of those awesome Samsung apps which come pre installed on the device, such as the S Voice and Smart Stay. In fact, the S Voice app”s .apk file has already been made available for download, and it is said that it is working perfectly on other devices.

I guess we are going to see some really cool ROMs come out the XDA Developers labs now. I am indeed waiting for a ROM for my Samsung Galaxy Note, what about you?