Samsung Galaxy S 3 getting a head start on the iPhone

Samsung unveiled the ‘Android King of the Year’ a few weeks ago at an event, and since then, a lot of Samsung fans have been waiting around the world for the phone like predators waiting for their preys. The company will start shipping the phones to 28 European and Middle East countries shortly including the United Kingdom and Germany, where it is also launching the new Samsung Music Hub service.

The Galaxy S III comes with features such as an awesome 4.8 inch touch screen display which is bigger than the 3.5 inch display of Apple’s iPhone and also bigger than the 4.7 inch display of the HTC One X, which are the major competitors of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The Cupertino tech giant, Apple, is supposed to be releasing its next gen iPhone, the iPhone 5, in the third quarter of this year. So Samsung is getting a head start with the Galaxy S III over the Apple iPhone. ItWeb writes:

In the kind of anticipation that has become the norm for new Apple gadget releases, hopeful customers began queuing outside an electronics retail store in Berlin last night eager to be the first to lay their hands on the S3.

Major wireless carriers around the world have been advertising their offers with the new Samsung Galaxy S III for a long time now. Vodafone Singapore’s SingTel have been among the major wireless carries who have been on the rise of advertisements with the Samsung Galaxy S III. A spokesman for Vodafone UK said:

In the two years that we’ve been offering pre-orders, it’s the most pre-ordered Android device we’ve had in our line-up. It’s on track to meet, if not exceed, the level of pre-orders we expected by the time it actually launches.

Francisco Jeronimo, an IDC analyst based in London said:

The Galaxy S3 is a real challenger to the upcoming iPhone. This is likely [to] be one of the most sold smartphones this year, though the real test will come when the next iPhone is launched.

Let us see how this all works out for Samsung and the wireless carriers around the world.