S Voice on Samsung Galaxy S III knows a lot about Apple, but very less about Samsung

Apple released the first of the kind voice based virtual assistant on its latest smart phone, the Siri on the iPhone 4S. The virtual assistant did create something of a revolution in the technology industry. People were too excited to ask questions to the personal assistant and get funny and also correct answers from it. If you follow technology, you will be knowing that iPhone 4S’s Siri did make a very blunder mistake by answering the question “which is the best smart phone?” with Nokia Lumia 900. This has to be shame for Apple as it has spent a lot of time and money on the development of the Siri app and also, the trust of Apple on Wolfram was shaken a bit.

Now, Samsung has released the new S Voice, which is the Samsung developed Siri replacement for the Android community and is exclusive for the new Samsung Galaxy S III, which is not yet out into the market. One of the enthusiasts who was lucky enough to get his hands on the smart phone asked a somewhat similar question to S Voice. Even though it has not named some other phone the best phone in the market, is still has let Samsung and its efforts down.

The user has asked who the chief executive officer of Samsung is, and the S Voice app, very frankly said that it did not know, and offered the user to make a search online. This is not bad, not knowing something is acceptable. But when the same asked who the chief executive officer of Apple is, the app again promptly gave the answer, “Timothy D. Cook.”

Now, that has to be interesting, right? Samsung might take it very seriously and make change the app’s code a bit before it lets it out into the wild to the hands of the people who are waiting for it. But the damage has already been done.