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RIM Takes Responsibility For “Wake Up” Protest

This was a big story over the weekend. A flash mob of all black wearing protestors showed up at an Apple Store in Australia, waving signs that said “Wake Up.

It was originally blamed on Samsung. We all know that while Samsung supplies Apple with chips that make their iOS products run, they are also brutal enemies in court.  Samsung had gone very aggressive on Apple in their “Next Big Thing” campaign in Q4 2011. They even won an award for it.

Naturally, the assumption was that with the Samsung Galaxy S III launching tomorrow in London, it made sense to blame Samsung.

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The story twisted over the weekend as Samsung flat out denied any involvement in the protest. Samsung typically doesn’t comment if there is any hint to the truth. In this case they took a staunch position of denial.

Yesterday we reported that signs were starting to point to RIM being behind the flashmob. It turns out those signs were correct.  It was revealed at the annual Blackberry World conference in Orlando, Tuesday that the “wake up” event was part of a larger plan to promote Blackberry 10 devices.

While some tried to suggest a timer found embedded in a website promoted by the protestors was somehow related to the Galaxy S III launch, it’s in fact pointing at 12:30pm PST on July 2nd, the date widely believed to be the debut of Blackberry 10.

RIM has yet to apologize to Samsung.

source: Intomobile

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