RIM gives three reasons to upgrade to BB OS 7.0

If you are a BlackBerry owner and have an older version of the BlackBerry OS, like the BlackBerry OS 6.0 or older, it is for sure that you are outdated and that you are missing a lot of fun on the newer versions of the operating system. It is always important to upgrade to a better and newer operating system as the new ones always provide performance improvements and sometimes new graphics and stuff. Yes, that is important.

So, today, BlackBerry itself has come up with a list of reason as to why you have to upgrade to at least BlackBerry operating system version 7.0, although the new one, which is the BlackBerry OS 10, is already in the works. The first reason that Research in Motion (RIM), the manufacturer of BlackBerry, gives is the browser. The browser is a very important part of a smart phone, that too a phone like the BlackBerry. The Webkit based browser found on the newer BlackBerry OS 7.o is a lot better than the older versions found on the BlackBerry OS 6.0 and older. With new features, your browsing experience would change a lot.

The second reason that the Canadian smart phone manufacturer gives is the new and improved and smooth graphics found on the newer BlackBerry OS 7.0 compared to the older BlackBerry OS 6.0. The new graphics make complete use of the processing power that the hardware of the phone delivers to give the best user experience that the phone can provide. Also, the new graphics are more appealing to a user with more meaningful icons for the apps on the phone.

The third reason that the company gives is the touch screen. It is true that not all phones from BlackBerry come with a touch screen, even today. But the ones that have a touch screen will work a lot better with the newer BlackBerry OS 7.0, as the OS has been optimized a bit for this type of form factor and technology. So if you are looking for a way better user experience on your phone, it is your turn to upgrade your phone today.

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