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Nokia uses Lumia 900 as hammer in stress test video

You might have watched a lot of stress test videos before buying a new smart phone, if you are very fond of smart phones are a bit geeky. So you will be knowing what are the different types of stress tests people do with their devices. Manufacturers are supposed to do all these tests during the development phase of any device, particularly smart phones. This is because we as consumer will be paying a lot of money for these smart phones and we do not want the devices to break up on just one accidental drop to a concrete floor.

So a all manufacturers run every new smart phone they manufacture through a series of stress tests. Nokia is no exception. But the company has decided to become an exception in a way when it comes to the stress test of its new smart phone, the Nokia Lumia 900. The Lumia 900 has the unofficial tagline of being the “hardest phone in the world”. Meaning that it is very difficult to break the phone into pieces, including the screen.

Yes, there is also the grade two Gorilla glass available on many smart phone already which are very strong and scratch resistant. But have you ever tired using you smart phone with a Gorilla glass, as a hammer? Well, I have not even though I have the second generation Gorilla glass. But Nokia has made an effort to overcome the fear of losing a phone and has moved a step ahead in proving that it still does makes quality smart phones (even though the software inside it including the operating system is crappy).

What you see below is the official Nokia Lumia 900 test video from the labs of Nokia manufacturing plant. And you see that the person in the video hits the display of the phone with a nail a hammer and then uses the screen of the Lumia 900 itself as a hammer to nail down a nail to that wooden strip. This is pretty impressive. But I still am not going to do any such thing with my smart phone.


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