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Nokia Lumia 610 is just too low on hardware for some Windows Phone apps

Making good smart phones and selling them for as much low money as possible is the market strategy now. But still, companies such as the Cupertino tech giant, Apple, follow a different policy. But Nokia is very well know for making phones really solid (literally) and then selling them for comparatively low prices. The Finnish company has tried to do something of the same sort with the new Nokia Lumia 610, which is a budge Windows Phone smart phone. The smart phone is so budget friendly that it comes with just 256 MB of RAM.

Not just that, the Nokia Lumia 610 is the first ever Windows Phone smart phone to come with just 256 MB of RAM. And this has not been good. It is not making a lot of customers happy, or even the testers for that matter. The smart phone is so incapable of handling the awesome and very basic apps for the Windows Phone that it is not able to install and run Skype. And the irony is that Skype is now owned by Microsoft itself.

Not just the VoIP app, but the Nokia Lumia 610 is not able to run the very popular cross platform game, Angry Birds. And that is for sure going to make a lot of people unhappy. Angry Birds, which also comes from the Finland developers Rovio, is a very popular birds and pigs game for the smart phone world, first introduced on the Apple iOS, the game has made it to all mobile platforms now.

So the inability to play the game and the inability to install Skype is really going to make the Nokia Lumia 610 suffer in terms of sales figures. This is in turn going to make Nokai repent for the cost cutting it did on the smart phone and release a new variant soon enough. Were you planning to buy a Nokia Lumia 610? Are you still thinking about it?

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